Financial Information

Application Fee: When a student applies to study at HTC, an application fee must be paid in order for the application to be processed.

Tuition Fees: Students pay a deposit for each course they are registering for at the time of registration. Term fees are due the first night of classes.  Students unable to pay the entirety of the terms fees by the first night of class must arrange an approved payment schedule from the school’s administrator before the first night of classes.  A current schedule of fees is available upon request from the Registrar.

Graduation Fees: Students pay a fee for each certificate/diploma earned and must either hire a graduation gown from the college before the graduation ceremony or bring one that conforms to college standards.

Other Costs: Most courses have an adequate supply of course texts available for loan while enrolled in the course and come with a comprehensive note packet for future reference but students will need funds for personal study supplies.

Financial Aid: The college may be able to provide some financial aid to selected students. New students are generally not given financial aid until they have completed their first term and their potential has been observed. Students desiring financial aid should make application in writing to the administrator on forms provided at the reception desk.  Our desire at HTC is provide theological education for as many as possible.

For estimated fees, please contact us directly.