Our Vision

In order for HTC to achieve its purpose, the following objectives have been developed:

Spiritual objectives:

  1. To develop a growing, maturing relationship with God in prayer, study of the Scriptures, meditation and worship.
  2. To apply the truths of Scripture consistently to one’s life and ministry.
  3. To develop and use one’s spiritual gifts for effective service to Christ, the Church and the world.
  4. To develop skills essential for an effective ministry.
  5. To develop a burden for the spiritual needs of the world.
  6. To develop a zeal for communicating the Word of God to others.

Academic objectives:

  1. To encourage a rigorous knowledge of the Bible
  2. To provide the skills of personal Bible study
  3. To teach and apply the art and science of hermeneutics
  4. To develop an understanding of systematic and biblical theology
  5. To apply a thoroughly biblical worldview
  6. To address contemporary theological issues and evaluate them
  7. To demonstrate how to define, justify, and defend the Christian faith
  8. To provide a knowledge of the historical development of theology and the Church
  9. To develop a principled approach to pastoral, educational, and outreach ministries.

Ministerial objectives:

  1. To assist pastors, evangelists, or lay leaders in local churches
  2. To support para-church ministries and strengthen local churches
  3. To encourage Bible teaching in local schools and in government-related ministries
  4. To help Christians in society become more effective at being salt and light in the world.